Ragan Health Care Communication News – Can you run your office or hospital as well as Amazon?

Ragan Health Care Communication News picked up Franklin Street’s blog post covering our research study What Women REALLY Want From Healthcare. Click here for the full article.
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Patient Experience Data in the Form of a Love Letter

By Sandra Bauman & Mary Aviles The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development Conference (SHSMD2014) is finishing up today, and during our live streaming of the conference we’ve been ‘hearing’ some compelling statistics about what patients want:...
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Linking Wellness to Caregiving

By Mary Aviles While conducting secondary research this week, it really struck me that some of the most forward-thinking hospitals out there have been aggressively marketing their approach to community wellness since as early as 2007. That’s a pretty big lead. Certainly,...
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Bullet Points of Interest from FutureScan 2013

Futurescan is a national survey conducted by the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD)–an organization we’ve followed for years. In this year’s report, the common theme we see is  that things are getting really interesting in...
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Establishing Wellness As A Credible Health System Offering

While leafing through my Henry Ford Magazine last month, I came across a small article that offered me a ray of healthcare marketing hope—and from a system right in my own backyard! Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital has opened a hydroponic greenhouse on its campus. Of course,...
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A Growing Consumer Mindset In Patients

In conducting primary research and analyzing secondary research trends with healthcare/hospital marketing clients it’s clear that there is a disconnect between the way patients want to engage with their healthcare providers and the way they feel they are currently capable of...
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