We’ve developed a particular body of work helping established “big business” refine their offerings and approach for the small-to-medium-sized market. In doing so, we can confidently share some of the common attitudes we’ve collected from all manner of small business owners (SBOs). They are perhaps the most attuned to and appreciative of acts of empathy—experiences designed to convey ease. These experiences transmit an understanding of how critically limited they are on time. As such, they appreciate transparency, accessibility, flexibility and responsiveness. Many SBOs want the ability to make DIY decisions—to help themselves—but then to have the opportunity to lean on exceptional customer service when needed.

They want to feel valued, like the products and services have been designed and are directed specifically for SMB, rather than some down-sized version of an existing offering. They value access to resources that will help lessen their load and allow them to better focus on their core business. This is especially important as so many small business owners have “been burned” in the past. This audience relies heavily on their network and word-of-mouth is of particular import—traveling faster and mean more perhaps than in some other industries.

Bauman Research is the first consulting firm I've worked with whose analysis was so well conceived that I used it to argue my case and successfully obtain my annual marketing budget."

August 25, 2014



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  • Paychex
  • Start Community Bank
  • The Hartford
  • Vertical Response

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