fathom (verb): to understand completely, to penetrate to the meaning of; comprehend

We know that a large part of consumer decision-making occurs not at the rational (feature and benefit) level but is instead laden with embedded emotional and psychosocial mindsets that guide preferences and judgments. That’s why creativity and imagination must be incorporated into research when we’re trying to penetrate these mindsets to understand the customer-brand experience. Different consumers have different lenses through which they experience brands; this is how they extract meaning that shapes their decisions and behaviors. And these experiences are not static. They are dynamic, ever-changing as new experiences and situations arise.


Bauman Research is the first consulting firm I've worked with whose analysis was so well conceived that I used it to argue my case and successfully obtain my annual marketing budget."

August 25, 2014


By unlocking these emotional leverage points and value-laden mindsets, marketers can better design more effective communications, products/services and customer experiences—because effective marketing persuades with reason, but motivates through emotion.

We incorporate techniques that are grounded in decades of social science research—such as metaphor elicitation, thematic apperception and other projective techniques—to dive deeply into the minds of consumers. And, we implement these techniques using a state-of-the-art mobile and web platform to capture in-the-moment emotional engagement and consumer storytelling through a host of imaginative, customized activities.

This is a packaged, customizable offering comprising the following:

  • Using Revelation | Next - a digital immersive application that uses mobile and web-based activities
  • 3-5 day interactive research experience
  • Ten participants complete the digital immersion
  • Our analysis occurs in real-time, with the succinct, but powerful storytelling format report being available within 5 days.
  • These projects are designed to be nimble, fast and cost-effective: we can execute them quickly (typically 2-3 weeks start to finish).

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