Evaluating Emotional Responsiveness

Understanding the underlying emotional drivers of preference, choice and loyalty are critical to many of our client projects. We’ve brought to bear our experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods to develop a set of analytic approaches designed—in some cases—to help quantify some of the less tangible aspects of market research. And, in other cases, these techniques serve to encourage a more feeling, less rational reaction to stimuli.

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October 18, 2013

  • Thematic Apperception Testing – participants are exposed to imagery instead of fully-executed concepts or designs and are then encouraged to narrate a story inspired by the imagery. This exercise allows them to introduce their personal experiences, attitudes and creativity into the narrative—often even including a role for themselves. This technique also involves unaided and aided brand associations via additional imagery. And, finally introduction to branded concepts to assess relative fit, changes in perception and degrees of disruption.
  • Emotional Response Mapping – This hybrid technique infuses qualitative practice into a quantitative study. Open-ended responses are assigned to a scale that maps the level of emotion, ranging from low-to-no emotion up to highly emotional. Analysis of emotional response can be beneficial in predicting potential engagement with products, concepts, campaigns, designs, messaging, etc.
  • Fathom™ Deep Dive is a packaged, customizable offering comprising 10 participants engaging in in-the-moment creative activities spanning 3-5 days. Our approach is designed to be nimble, fast and cost-effective (typically executed in 2-3 weeks, start to finish). The resulting analysis is succinct, but delivered in a powerful, storytelling format, to closely reflect the collection method.

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