Research Design Rooted In Reality

We also apply secondary research to inform later phases of qualitative and quantitative project work. This step is key to providing a solid understanding of the major players in the space and the trends and mindsets of the consumers. For example, we can design a much smarter questionnaire for A&U consumer surveys, as well as identify key messages, “hot buttons” and niches that we want to quantify. This work allows us to analyze market-facing position(s), missions, key messages and any other brand-related communication. Along the way, we can typically make predictions as to whom the competitor is trying to target and we endeavor to identify opportunities for competitive differentiation. Where applicable, we include elements of social media “listening” as a part of this process.

Our client was so happy and very positive and extremely delighted. The advertising agency said it was terrific…Hats off to Bauman for pulling it off on such a tight time frame. The report was excellent. Can’t thank them enough! It was a pleasure working with them.”

October 18, 2013


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