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Actionable Research

Through innovative research methodologies, Bauman Research & Consulting helps you find the customer insights you need to innovate, inspire and influence...and make the right brand, marketing and business decisions in the process.

Research Services

We specialize in research for marketing communications, branding and positioning, messaging, voice of the customer, new product development, naming, strategy development, concept testing, website usability and employee engagement.

Dr. Sandra Bauman

Dr. Bauman brings 25 years of experience in marketing research and consulting to her role as founder and principal of Bauman Research & Consulting, LLC, a woman-owned enterprise. During her career in research, Dr. Bauman has designed and managed hundreds of qualitative and quantitative studies for corporate and non-profit clients alike.
  • Branding & positioning
  • Voice of customer
  • Concept, product, message testing
  • Attitude & usage
  • New product development & extension
  • Strategy development
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Market segmentation
  • Employee engagement & alignment
  • Website effectiveness & usability
  • Competitive landscape & trends analysis

Bauman Research & Consulting is proud to be recognized as one of ‘The Best Market Research Companies for 2021’ by Investopedia.


Creative application of up-to-date research methods results in the data and the interpretation necessary for truly actionable insights


Seasoned and credentialed professionals—who know how to ask the right questions—do the work


98% of our clients have hired us again


We adhere to the Council of American Survey Research Organization (CASRO) and the American Association for Public Opinion (AAPOR) standards

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